After the First World War, a pair of twins from an upper class American family started acting against their parents wishes. Brother and sister, Alan and Alice Jones began to get involved with socialism, spiritualism, and anything else that could distract them. Alice was frustrated that her life had been planned out when she was called a woman, were as her brother had come to the conclusion he was a homosexual while fighting over seas in the Trench's of France. The two of them began to create their own world for each other, inspired by experiments with spiritualism. At one point, after hearing a story from a black hoodoo man in Harlem, they thought it would be a good idea to go to the Crossroads and make a deal with something called The Dark Man.

Allister Crossroads of the Twilight Glen won't say what happened, whether s/he was Alan or Alice. Honestly, s/he doesn't remember that anymore. S/he was left with a part of hirself, and decided that if that part would no longer exist then s/he would become that part. Her joining of the Autumn Court came from the early experiments in spiritualism, and as a way to somehow some day, get back at the Dark Man. Allister found hirself quickly rising the Academy of the Thorn Tower, the magic school founded by the Autumn Court. At the time it was a controversial move, but since then the Thorn Tower has become one of the leading lights of the Autumn Court, probably the most prestigeous Changeling "universities". Mind you, there are only three organizations like the Academy of the Thorn Tower in North America and those two don't advertise.

It was at the Academy that Ally first met Frankie the Cliff. Frankie was a young Ogre with mob connections just beginning to question his sexual identity. Ally was already an Autumn Court wunderkin who was having issues with gender, but knew instinctivly hir liked guys. Frankie ended up coming to Ally to help him learn Contracts of Fleeting Autumn, and the two of them ended up having sex in Ally's apartement. The first relationship lasted much of 1973, ending with Ally throwing him out when it became clear Frankie couldn't love hir as a woman and a man. The two of them have had a series of lovers since then but keep coming back to each other.

When Frankie found out that St. Stephen was going to create Endless Autumn, Ally was the first person he told, and the two of them took the news to Brenne, who was Monarch at the time. The Summer Court was organized, and in one night the coup was put down. The trail ended with twelve of the Autumn Court's most prominent members executed, and six more in exile, St. Stephen among them. When Ally asked who would be the next Monarch, the crown appeared on hir head. S/he has been the Autumn Monarch ever since.

Ally is not sure about being the head of the Autumn Court. On the one hand, it meets with the prestige s/he always wanted. On the other, s/he is bogged down in a lot of politics. S/he has begun going back to Frankie the Cliff for advise, as he has more of a skill for dealing with people. The two of them have yet to have sex since their unintentional rise to power, but they are not having sex elsewhere. After almost fourty years, the two of them may have a stable relationship.


Brienne Iseni: "Her zeal is much appreciated, though we wish she would stop trying to invite us to these pride parades."

Frankie the Cliff: "My dearest friend, we have been together through so much. I don't know where I'd be without you."

Lady Greengrass: "So you want to become Queen of Summer because there are to many gays in Summer, hmm? She must never have been to the Bronx then."

Lily Screech: "You are defenetly someone to keep an eye on."

Amsterdam White-Beard: "He's more a force of nature then a real person."

Character SheetEdit

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