The Autumn Court

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Character of the Autumn CourtEdit

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Traditions of the Autumn CourtEdit

One of the more unusual is modern tradition of New York's Autumn court which has been going on for only the past 20 years: The Annual Haunted House Contest. Members of the Autumn Court across the city compete against one another to see who can design and run the scariest haunted house attraction in the Freehold. Judging is based various categories: best haunted house for children, best special effects, best old school scare, and the most coveted award going to the best haunted attraction of the year. For the most part winning any one category amounts to nothing more than bragging rights and bit more recognition within the court. However, winning best haunted attraction of the year comes with a prize a fair bit more...substantial.

The winner of this coveted award is presented with a token known as "The Samhain Crown", a wreath made of pumpkin vines, autumn leaves, melted candles and bits of Halloween candy. The bearer of the Samhain Crown can at any point prior to the following All-Hallows Eve ask one favor of The Autumn Throne and it must be granted (as long as it is within the power of the throne to grant it). It is the greatest boon given out by any of the Seasonal Courts and it fiercely fought over. And in fact on two occasions the Crown has been won by motleys belonging to other courts: Spring and Winter to be exact. But despite that rare possibility the competition is officially open to any motley that wishes to participate, even though the judging panel has become far more "bias" in their decisions since the Spring Court victory of 2007, that was just embarrassing!

Nobility of the Autumn CourtEdit

High Monarch Allister Crossroads of the Twilight Glen

Prince Frankie the Cliff, Ruler of the Bronx

Duchess Lily Screech of Mott Haven

Noteworthy Persons and Places in the BronxEdit

Little Blue Riding Hood

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