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Major Goblin MarketsEdit

The Lucky Cat's Eye Market, located in Manhattan's Chinatown, is the most diverse Goblin Market in New York, combining the wears of most New York Goblin Merchants, a series of travelling Hobs who follow the Chinatown Circuit, a series of trods that connect the Freeholds of Chinatowns all around the world, and a few Hobs indigenous only to the areas of the Hedge held by the Freehold of Red and Green Lanterns. It has been recently opened up to Seasonal Courtiers under the influence of Brother Ras, but Seasonal Courtiers are watched by both the Enforcers of the Market and the Red and Green Lanterns.

The Jazz Orchard in Harlem's Hedge is the site of a one of the many Goblin Markets. When the wind blows through the overgrown trees, you can hear snatches of song. The hobs setup their stalls beneath broken trellises and within dilapidated gardening sheds. They specialize in popular culture. The hobs display forgotten trinkets and mass-produced fan-club junk next to first-presses of hits that were never recorded and the resumes of future actors. The market's "Master" is a twisted old thing that trades authentic period dresses (from any year between 1509 through 1861, though culture of origin doesn't matter) for the name of the next big hit on television or the pop charts. For the price of one human soul and one of the items listed on the Top 5 Chart (prominently displayed above her stall), you can choose what will make it big.

They call it "The Club", there is no other name for it. If you are on the list every Saturday morning at 9am you will recieve a text informing you of the address. You see "The Club" never has its entrance in the same place on any consecutive Saturday. It has strict rules, there is no violence in "The Club", break this rule and you are never invited ever again. It is said if you follow someone when blacklisted, "The Club" won't let you in. But they say a lot about the club. The place is run by a Darkling called "The Fearless Grinner" for a place that has no real physical address unsurprisingly you will never find it listed on any one building. This is not a place for formal meetings, this is the place were the work gets done, the grey and black markets live here...and when we say market we mean it's a market. That's right this "club" not only caters to those Changelings seeking a relaxing beer and some music, but it is a Goblin Market again under the purview of "The Fearless Grinner". No one is certain where the Grinner came from and he has not said what court, if any, he is trully part of, but there is something strong connecting him to his place and the goblins that sell their wares there do not mind it one little bit.

Notable Goblin MerchantsEdit

A pair of hobgoblins that have been nicknamed Bert and Ernie occasionally set up shop in one or another goblin market; while the market they visit varies, you will never find one without the other somewhere nearby. Bert sells arguments, while Ernie sells "your ex-lover's teeth."

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