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"You know what the problem with Spring Queen Izzy is? No it's not that she's an idiot. I mean sure she is, but whatever man. Look! Everyone knows the Spring monarch has always been a fiqurehead, a rubber stamp for the Regency Counsel and a joyous personage for the Court rank and file to rally around, but that's not what I'm talking bout man. I'm talking about Izzy's problem. You know...*Sniff* *Sniff*. Got it? Her Royal Maj and her gaggle of Sugarplum Fairies are all cranked up on pixie dust. No, I'm dead serious man! My girl saw her the other night over at PDT all glittered out and blitzed on happy thoughts. So here we got a fairy Princess about to assume the throne in just a couple of weeks and she's all hopped up on fucking hedge crack. Good times huh?

I'm telling ya man there's a Tinkerbell loose in the Freehold and I'll bet you that that damn Coney Island Devil knows all about it!."

Character SheetEdit

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