In the Melrose-Morrisania area, one can find the real-life superhero Little Blue Riding Hood. Dressed in a woman's suit with pants, face hidden by a smiling porcelain mask, and wearing her distinctive blue hooded cloak, Little Blue Riding Hood offers moral, emotional, and physical support to those in greatest need, helping them, occasionally with the aid of Pledges, to improve their lot in life. The heroine is suspected of using some unique Pledge or obscure Contract, due to her talent for showing up where and when she is most needed, and her always seeming to have the exact right thing on hand for a any situation. Though highly circumspect in her use of fae power, she's demonstrated a truly astonishing array of skills and powers, leading many to wonder how she can possibly be so capable. The answer to this is a well-kept secret: She is not one, but six. Little Blue Riding Hood is a collective identity for:

Ally Bloodbone (Ogre Witchtooth, Autumn Court)

Jane Cinders (Wizened Drudge, Winter Court)

Frankie Honey (Fairest Dancer, Winter Court)

Alexandra Catlin (Hunterheart Beast, Summer Court)

Laura Windfoot (Airtouched Elemental, Autumn Court)

Jenna Cavern (Darkling Tunnelgrub, Autumn Court)

Bound by a powerful Pledge, the six girls and young women take it in turns to guard their protectorate; the Wyrd itself guides them to where the Hood of the moment is most needed, and ensures that she will have what she needs to do her duty.

It is rumoured that Little Blue Riding Hood is working with the Spirit Fist Athletic Association in some way.

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