Prince Solomon Van Graef is not happy with his current situation. As his liege Queen Insomnia fritters away the goodwill of her subjects, Solomon has the thankless task of desperately trying to keep the Spring Court together. A crumbling, paper-mache rendition of Mephistopholes in a cheap suit, he gives the impression of being an inept con-man. Solomon is a brilliant and experienced pledge-smith however, and it is through his extensive network of favors, promises, and old debts that he is able to give his court a semblance of solidarity. However, all this wheeling-and-dealing has brought the clever devil to the edge of his stamina, and he is already considering taking steps to accelerate the current Queen's inevitable burnout. Among his stalwart allies is the Bridge Troll (rumor is that Solomon has an ongoing pledge with the Bridge Troll, regardless of which individual might bare the title at the time), which gives him unique influence over the meetings that take place in the Bridge Hollow.

Solomon has a permanent box seat for all Cyclone games, and he attends each one. Sometimes he holds meetings there, and most see this as being part of Solomon's dedication to his Court, culture, and territory. A secret known only to him is that one of the Cyclone coaches is his son, left behind 40 years ago when Solomon was abducted by the Teeming Bureaucracy.


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