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The Spring Court of the Freehold of Apples controls the Bourough of Brooklyn. Currently, the High Queen is Insomnia Amorphia Neversleep-Flickering, more commonly known as High Queen Izzy, and its Prince is Solomon Van Graef, "The Coney Island Devil."

Traditions of the Spring CourtEdit

St. Patrick's Day Parade

New York Botanical Society's annual Garden Party

Members of the Spring Court NobilityEdit

High Queen of Spring, Her Royal Majesty Insomnia Amorphia Neversleep-Flickering

The Prince of Coney Island and Ruler of Brooklyn, Solomon Van Graef, "The Coney Island Devil"

The Six Spring LordsEdit

House Bushwick - the House of Romance (Spring and Summer Court)

Lord of Bushwick: Roland Penn (Fairest Draconic of the Spring Court) and the Lady Bree (Beast Truefriend)

House Brooklyn - The House of Excellence (now called the House of Failed Excellence)

Lord of Brooklyn: ???

House Flatlands - The House of Resilience

Lord of Flatlands: Thomas Graves (Darkling Gravewright)

House Gravesend - The House of Gamblers

Lord of Gravesend: ???

House New Utrecht - The House of Irony (Winter Court)

Lord: Pirreot - false identity used by Winter Courtiers, known as The King's Village by the Winter Court House Flatbush - The House of the Green Lord of Flatbush: Jack of the Green (Wizened Artist)

Spring Lords in ManhattanEdit

Magister Jacoby Roth, Duke of Broadway

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