The Summer Court

The Summer Court has traditionally held dominion over the Borough of Queens.

Character of the New York Summer CourtEdit

The Summer Court of recent years has been increasingly involved with the GLBT community, largelly due to the increasing presence of gay Changelings in positions of influence, namely His Royal Majesty Brenne Iseni, who has earned a name for herself as a supporter of the GLBT community. One of her most notable advisors, Tobias Ferral, while not as political as Queen Brenne, is just as open about his predelections, and has brought his lovers to Court functions before gay men were even considered socially acceptable.

While generally the presence of a strong gay community leading the Summer Court has been  met with praise for their progressiveness, some members of the Summer Court have expressed displeasure at this state of events. The most vehement is the Lady of Ozone Park, a Fairest with extensive mob connections who has been fighting a long battle against the current regime. At the moment she is the strongest voice against the Dyke-Queen, but it is rumoured that an alliance with the Duke of Jamaica could turn the tides.

Traditions of the Summer CourtEdit

The New York Pride Parade

Shakespeare in the Park

Members of the Summer CourtEdit

His Royal Majesty Brienne Iseni aka Brienne the She-Bear aka The Dyke Queen

The Prince of Astoria, Philip Leon, Ruler of the Borough of Queens

The Right Honourable Hound Tobias Ferral, Advisor to the Crown

Baron Everett "Brother" Ras of Little Island City

Lady Greengrass of Ozone Park

Boss Toby of Jamaica

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