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The Politics of the High Court of ManhattanEdit

If one were to walk into the throne room of the High Court of the Freehold of Apples and the Five Boroughs - that is the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel, not the Privy Counsel Chamber located in the Brooklyn Bridge - one would see a three step stage upon which is a dais where sits the High Throne itself, known also as the Seat of Idunn. Below the High Throne are the four seasonal thrones, one of which is always empty as the respective monarchs ascend to the High Throne.

Court is held twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday during which judgments are rendered, grievances heard, rewards granted, oaths sworn, ambassadors presented, and public business is handled. It is during these public audiences when any changeling of the Freehold of Apples may present themselves before the Throne.

A distinction must be made between the support systems of the Seasonal Courts and the support system of the High Court, as they are very much different monsters. In the seasonal courts the Monarch is followed by her Prince Royal who is in theory not only the 2nd in command of the court, but also chief adviser and heir to the Seasonal Monarch.

In the High Court the 2nd most influential person is the Grand Vizier, followed by the Court Seneschal. These two officers and the administrative bureaucracy they control pledge their loyalty to the High Throne itself, not to the Queen or King who currently sits upon it. They are by law court-less and therefore in theory neutral where Seasonal politics are concerned. They exist to serve and advise the reigning Monarch and His Privy Counsel - generally made up of the other three seasonal rulers among others.

Not that the High Court's bureaucrats and civil servants don't have a political agenda or ambitions of their own, just that they are better at keeping them to themselves.

Positions in the High CourtEdit

Area of Control: The Island of Manhattan with the exception of Chinatown.

The High King/Queen: Izzy, Brienne, Allistair & Amsterdam in turn.

The King/Queen's Privy Counsel: Izzy, Brienne, Allistair & Amsterdam when not in power.

The Grand Vizier: Jeffrey Book

The Court Seneschal: Ron Roy

The Bridge Troll (Guards the Privy Counsel Chamber and the Person of the High King/Queen): Mick Krock

The Esteemed and Most Honorable Ambassador of the Freehold of Red & Green Lanterns: ???

The Esteemed Ambassador of the Ancient Covenants of the Sons and Daughters of Caine, Miss Clara Hawthorne of the Clan Ventrue.

Domains in ManhattanEdit

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