The Magravate of the Brim

Jersey City

The Skyline of Jersey City

Jersey City is home to the Magravates of the Brim, who have taken to calling themselves the Red Dirt Commune. Moving amongst the Union culture and Punk scenes, the Magravate has become the home of Courtless Changelings fighting against the highly ritualized culture of the High Court of New York. Consisting of 52 Changelings, most of which being actual Magrivates, the Red Dirt Commune has developed an autonomous, democratic system, and generally keep to themselves.

Their unspoken leader is an Elemental known as Hakim the Egyptian. A fixture in Jersey's Union culture, he has become a staunch supporter of Arab rights since 9/11. He is a devout Christian of the social activism variety, and regularly attends St. Mark's Coptic Church. His connections in both the Church and the Unions have given many Changelings a job and a home to go to.

In the past however, Jersey was home to the exiled Sun and Moon Courts, but the Freehold ended in tragedy when members of the Sun Court overthew and killed members of the Moon Court in 1946. The reign of Czar Gregor the Bright became a decade of terror and war with the Freehold of Apples until he was taken by the Dark Man. The remaining Sun Courtiers ran, disapeared or had already joined the Magravates. Remnants of the former Freehold can be found across Jersey, and the Red Dirters have made a point of examining these ruins.

History of the Red Dirt CommuneEdit

Members of the Red Dirt CommuneEdit

Hakim the Egyptian, Elemental ?? and Magravate of the Brim

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