The Winter Court

The Winter Court has historically ruled over the Borough of Staten Island. It's High King is Amsterdam White-Beard, and its Prince is Meyer, Ruler of Lighthouse Hill.

Character of the Winter CourtEdit

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The Winter Court started a new tradition a few years ago: The Land Film Festival. Open to both Changeling and mortal participants, the contestants are divided into teams that must complete a short film over the month of February. Each team is randomly assigned props, plot elements, and themes that they must include in their film. Insiders (that is, Changelings) know that artsy films with somber tones are more likely to tickle the Winter judges' fancy, but many Changelings (particularly the "Forgotten Island" revolutionaries) are looking forward to satirizing the High Court through their contributions. Old Man Winter doesn't like the festival, but it has become too popular just to quash. The Prince of Staten Island is a generous patron of the festival, which is a point of tension between the two powerful figures.

Nobility of the Winter CourtEdit

The Winter Court of New York City

The High King of Winter: His Royal Majesty Amsterdam White-Beard aka Old Man Amsterdam aka Old Man Winter aka The Old Man. - Elemental (Airtouched)

The King's 2nd: Meyer, The Prince of Lighthouse Hill, Ruler of the Borough of Staten Island - Elemental (Blightbent)

The Seven Villages

The Kings Village - Brooklyn Mayor - Safiyya al-Kitāb - Darkling (Antiquarian) - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn  - Notes: Also known as 'House New Ultrecht' under the Spring Lords.

The Queens Village - Queens Mayor - Sujay Vimal - Elemental (Snowskin) - Jackson Heights, Queens The Richmond Village - Staten Island Mayor - Samanta "Sammy the Gull" Gabbiano - Beast (Windwing) - Notes: As the third-most important figure in the Winter Court of Staten Island, Sammy the Gull is highly sympathetic to the 'Forgotten Island' separatists.

The Seneca Village - Manhattan Mayor - "Tiny" Luther Kidd - Ogre (Gargantuan) - Sugar Hill, Harlem, Manhattan

The Westchester Village - The Bronx Mayor - Maricruz Hierro - Wizened (Smith) - Tremont, the Bronx

The Beach Village - New York City's various subway tunnels, below-ground passageways and undercity. Mayor - Captain Crossway

There is no seventh village.

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